Carrie Seibel

Owner, Zen Muskoka 

Carrie Seibel

Carrie Seibel, Owner of Zen Muskoka, is a Certified Yoga Instructor RYT 200. She stared her career in the fine wine industry in Toronto, but through the pandemic discovered she was looking for a way to connect with others and help people through holistic movement practices. She had always dreamt of doing her teacher training abroad, but decided to study locally. She completed her training with Octopus Garden in Toronto and obtained her RYT 200. And as luck would have it, half way through teacher training she found out she was expecting her first baby, who was born in early 2022. Life as a mom, as many know, can be a whirlwind. But her calling to yoga never waivered and when the prospect of owning a yoge business in Muskoka appeared she knew it would marry her love for yoga and helping people, with her deep desire to practice outdoors in one of the most beautiful areas of her home province.

Carrie is bright and compassionate and is inspired by the call for unity amongst humanity, animals and nature. She values her family and freedom and her teaching is always light hearted and authentic, providing a supportive and uplifting practice. She believes everyone deserves a break from the fast paced lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to, to tune into their body and intuition, and she believes that’s why it feels so good to practice outside in nature.

She hopes to one day own and operate a yoga retreat in Muskoka, but for now is thrilled to provide private yoga at your beautiful location.

Facebook & Instagram: @zenmuskoka


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