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unplug. rest deeply. turn on calm.


Are you constantly having trouble focusing, suffering from fatigue, on the edge of burnout?

Do you find yourself feeling groggy for too long in the mornings, relying a little too much on that cup of coffee to get you going every day?

Is it hard for you to carve out time for yourself? To really, truly slow down free of distractions?

When was the last time you took some much needed quiet time, just for you?

Come unplug, rest deeply, and turn on calm in this guided meditation retreat devoted to your inner peace.

Conquer stress and tap into the power of stillness as your explore the powerful tools of iRest in an off-grid, serene environment in Algonquin Park.

Muskoka Yoga

Life is hard. But meditation doesn’t have to be.

You will be guided every step of the way.

On this retreat, you’ll draw on the inner peace that’s always within you as you learn useful, easy to implement meditation techniques.

Meditation has been proven time and again to:

-increase happiness

-improve overall well-being

-decrease depression, anxiety, and stress

-enhance your ability to be present and mindful – and respond instead of react

-increase creativity, productivity, performance, and focus

-increase resiliency and coping with daily life

-promote healing from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cancer, and other conditions


So what is this weekend all about? 

It’s all about rest, rejuvenation, restoration; slowing down to tap into your own ability to de-stress, heal, and find calm.  You’ll get the added benefit of the beautiful surroundings and delicious food of The Edge Northern Retreat Centre.  

It’s all about iRest. iRest is a simple and accessible form of meditation designed for modern day living. 

iRest is backed by extensive research. It can help you navigate all of life’s challenges and enhance your sense of well-being and peace. There are powerful tools for:

-dealing with stress

-resolving trauma

-decreasing depression and anxiety

-relieving chronic pain

-improving sleep 

-awakening to your true nature


Come, enter into deep rest, because rest makes everything better.