Physiotherapy.  Therapeutic Yoga.


Zen Muskoka offers several types of Therapeutic Services where you will work one on one with a trained and experienced practitioner to address your individual needs and support your unique healing path. Therapeutic Services can include Reiki Treatments,
Fitness Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga, and Physiotherapy.

Therapeutic Yoga

with Debbie Dawkins


with Kirsten Richardson (Physiotherapist)

Be Well PhysiOTHERAPy

with Kirsten Richardson (PT)

By blending the science of Physiotherapy with the wisdom and tradition of Yoga, Kirsten offers a novel approach to physiotherapy where the focus is on mindful movement. People are fascinated and engaged in their own healing when the focus of therapy is broadened to include more than just the physical aspects of the person. People feel heard and nurtured when the cognitive and emotional components of healing are also embraced by their trusted Physiotherapist advisor. It is this blend of Physiotherapy and Yoga that sets BeWell apart!

Therapeutic Yoga

With Debbie Dawkins

​A guided, mindful movement practice, tailored to your individual needs. Debbie will work with you using yoga-inspired movement techniques to help you unfold any “issues in your tissues”. During Therapeutic Yoga sessions you can expect to discuss your “issues” with Debbie and explore movements that will support healing.
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